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  • MAKC Recognized (Misc. Class) FULL recognition June 30th 2010 Working group
  • Weight: 80-140 lbs
  • Height: 22-28 inches
  • Color(s): black, black & tan, tan & fawn, red, chocolate, blue ( grey), and brindle
  • Coat: Short, dense hair. Colors range from Black, Blue, Tan, Red, Gray, Chocolate and Brindle.


Medium to big size dog, strongly built but elegant, with powerful and long muscles, very distinguished. A Cane Corso expresses strength, agility and endurance. The general conformation of the Cane Corsos is that of a mesomorphic animal whose body is longer than the height at the withers, harmonious as regards the form and disharmonious as regards the profile.


Cane Corso are very intelligent dogs. They are loyal and protective of their family. They are docile, gentle with children. This breed can be somewhat aggressive to other dogs and strangers.


Is not one to go looking for a fight with another dog, but will not back down from one either. Suspicious of strangers. Will be okay with strangers if the family welcomes them.


Requires occasional brushing. Light shedder.


Obedience training is recommended with this breed. Needs to be socialized as a puppy. Easily trained as the dog is very intelligent.


Needs regular exercise

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Derived from the powerful mastiff dogs of Roman Times, the Cane Corso comes to modern man as an agile protector, a big-game hunter and an all-around working dog. This large and formidable Italian guard dog is currently enjoying a Renaissance in the new century as a recognized pure-bred dog, attracting many new fanciers every year. Not the dog for the inexperienced or the faint of heart, the Cane Corso is a strong-minded and strong-bodied protection dog, naturally suspicious of strangers and devoutly attached to his owners.


The Cane Corso is a great guard dog, extremely loyal to its family and quite aloof with strangers. He has a very protective nature and yet is able to discern friend from foe. He instinctively knows when to become a terrifying, defensive and protective dog for its owner, his grounds, the house and the whole family. He should be submissive to his family and suspicious of strangers. The Cane Corso is normally a quiet dog, barking only when alerted to a strange situation. Despite the breeds size they make excellent housedogs and are very athletic.

This breed needs socialization and as any large dog, owners should obedience train their dog. They get along well with children, protective yet gentle, seemingly aware of the child's helplessness and innocence. Their temperament is very stable. The Cane Corso devotedly loves his family. The Cane Corso requires a great deal of attention and training, so if your not prepared to make this commitment then maybe the Cane Corso is not the dog for you, also a person that doesn't have experience with a dominant dog. Corsos, especially males, can be very dominant and will challenge you for what he perceives to be leadership of the pack (your home and family). Considering their size and abilities it’s best that a person who has experience with this type of behavior should own one.

The Cane Corso is an excellent guard dog, generally staying on his grounds. He has a strong sense of territory. The Cane Corso loves attention from his family, he is gentle with the children seemingly aware of there vulnerability. His look is bold and noble. The Corso until a few years ago was bred just for his working abilities. Keep in mind that these dogs are only off the farms since 1988. The Corso has a dominant nature especially towards other dogs. If he's raised with other dogs he should be fine with them. He should be socialized with other animals at an early age. The Corso will not run from a fight and will not back down from a challenge. Most Cane Corsos have a reserved nature towards strangers. Basically they have to get to know you before they become overly friendly towards you. This behavior is totally acceptable given this breeds history as a guard dog.


9th Wonder CaneCorso

9th Wonder Cane Cosrso ( KAH-nee CORE-so) is located just 20 minutes south of downtown Atlanta, Georgia. We have owned dogs for over twelve years but have never chosen to breed them until now. The Cane Corso breed and in particular this group of dogs left no question. Here at 9th Wonder we firmly believe that all dogs aren’t to be breed; all dogs aren’t to be shown; and all dogs aren’t even meant to be pets.

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